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Why greeting cards? 

That's an excellent thought.  The simple answer. WE CARE! 

What better way to express that than with a keepsake card that allows you to write your own heartfelt message or choose from our selections to express YOU CARE! The cards you'll find in this collection are unique, fun, creative and they just make you feel good.

The detail behind the concept.

 In 2017 we began the LOL - Letter's of Love project. 

The project brought together our supporters, local area classrooms,  and some senior centers to create handwritten notes that would be included in each of our care totes. These notes were most often requested for the children in domestic violence shelters we service. 

It allowed us to CONNECT with them and say you're not forgotten in a time where nothing feels normal. LOL notes became a virtual hug to many and a way of saying I CARE.   


A  portion of the proceeds from each greeting card helps pay for items that are provided in our relocation care totes 

which will always include an LOL note.

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