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Beautiful Faces Foundation is dedicated to helping improve the lives of those affected by Cancer and Domestic Violence. 

We service individuals and families that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer in any U.S. location.  Additionally we provide direct support to those that are challenged in domestic violence environments in Pennsylvania. We will provide referral resources in other states. 

Our Mission is to advocate, educate, empower and assist. We are here to provide resources, financial assistance, referrals, community awareness and social support as we strive closer to cures.  When we say "family” it means we Welcome you to become a part of our family, to CONNECT with us, share with us and participate in our outreach to help others. You may be single, part of a large family, a caregiver, support person, new to a diagnosis, or simply trying to find your way.

There's a place for you in our family.

Beautiful Faces Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity.  

A Note From Our Founder ...

Caring isn't a learned skill either you have it or you don't. 

I created this foundation from the desire of my heart to simply help people. At 36 years old I was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer 32 days apart. I know the unraveling cancer causes in the lives and families of many. 

As I navigated doctor appointments, surgeries and my sanity I was often observing others in this process. It became apparent to me very quickly that ​many were trying to figure out What next? If I can't work due to surgery or chemotherapy who will pay my bills, how will my children be cared for? 

I recall early on in this journey talking with a lovely lady who said Kia, I'm trying to figure out if I pay my bills and buy groceries this month or do I wipe my savings clean to pay for prescriptions? What screamed back at me in this and many other conversations was the same thing that kept me awake many nights. How do I help people like this? 

I was one of them.

It's amazing what people who care can accomplish when they come together. I decided to create this village of support to help with the raw real life things cancer pulls apart. My hope is to continue to build that village of people that care about people and are willing to help the lives of those that CONNECT with us.

Kia ​

"It's Simple 

We Care"

Our service to you!

The services listed here are the most commonly requested from those that look to us for support. Our care team is as unique as you are and we'd love to hear how we can best help you. Give us a call we'll discuss your individual need, or the needs of your loved one.

 Our newest program 


Celebrating Courage, Hope & Life

Navigating options after a breast surgery can be overwhelming. PETALS provides 3 (three) FREE bras to those that are within 12 months post mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstructive breast  surgery.

The service includes 

  • A professional fitting
  • Brand options 
  • Breast forms 
  • Pocketing 

The Care Tote

The Care Tote is one of our most requested items. Each care tote is packed by a member of our volunteer team that contains essentials intended to help make treatment and transitions a little easier. 

Care totes can be requested by individuals, families, caregivers and facilities. 

Care Coordinators

Sometimes you aren't sure what's next, who to call, where to turn or how to cope. Our care coordinators serve as a liaison to connect you to the resources that can best assist you. They can assist with some of the following: 

•Scheduling Appointments

•Helping you understand insurance

•Helping you share updates with family

•Help obtaining medication

•Coordinate transportation for appointments

•Assistance with relocation and emergency services

•Provide detailed resources to additional help

Appointment Partners

When your family and loved ones aren't near we'll stand in the gap and accompany you to your appointment so that you're not alone. 

An appointment partner will be assigned to meet you at your appointment to be there with you. This service is currently available to residents in PA, NJ, DE and MD. We ask that you provide as much advanced notice as possible to be paired with a partner.

Support Groups

No matter what brings us together we all need the support of others. Join us for monthly virtual CONNECT support groups & workshops. 


Caregiver CONNECT

Domestic Violence Support

Peer groups (youth & teens)

What Next Workshop

CHOICES Workshop

We'll also bring the support group to your organization, or event.

Financial Assistance

We understand the strain that health challenges and life changes can have on your financial status. When funding is available we will assist with a financial grant to help with cancer treatments, medication, and relocation related expenses.

To confirm if our grant programs have open funding you may contact a care coordinator for additional details and to obtain an application.

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