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What we do

Beautiful Faces Foundation is dedicated to helping improve the lives of those affected by Cancer or Domestic Violence. 


We service individuals and families that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer in any U.S. location.  Additionally, we provide direct support to those that are challenged in domestic violence environments in Pennsylvania. We will provide referral resources in other states. 

Our mission encompasses advocacy, education, empowerment, and support. We strive to offer solution-focused resources, financial aid, referrals, community awareness, and social support, all in pursuit of advancing towards cures.


When we speak of "family," we warmly invite you to join our community, to connect with us, share your journey, and engage in our efforts to assist others. Whether you're single, part of a large family, a caregiver, a support person, facing a new diagnosis, or simply seeking guidance, there's a place for you in our supportive network.

Beautiful Faces Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity.

A Note From Our Founder ...

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Caring isn't something you can teach—it's a fundamental quality that resides within us. I established this foundation from the desire of my heart to simply help others.  At the age of 36, I faced the daunting diagnosis of both breast and ovarian cancer within a span of 32 days. Through my own journey, I've witnessed firsthand the profound impact cancer has on individuals and families.

As I navigated the whirlwind of doctor's appointments, surgeries, and emotional distress, I couldn't help but notice the struggles of others going through similar experiences. It became clear to me that many were trying to navigate hard questions: How will I manage my bills if I can't work during treatment? Who will care for my children while I focus on healing?


I vividly recall conversations with individuals facing impossible choices, like sacrificing savings for vital prescriptions or forgoing basic necessities to make ends meet. These conversations echoed the same concerns that kept me awake at night: How can I help people facing these challenges?

I realized that I was one of them.

It's amazing what people who care can accomplish when they come together. I decided to create this community of support—a village, if you will—to address the practical, day-to-day struggles that cancer sometimes pulls apart. My hope is to continue to grow that village of people that care about people and are willing to help the lives of those that CONNECT with us.

I invite you to join us in need or in help and take part in how we face change. 

- Kia 

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